Trip Report - New York City

This will be pretty brief, but as many of you know I was in New York City last week on business all week. It was all around a blast. Just wanted to share a few brief photos from my week. Sorry about the quality, I took these with my phone rather than bringing my real camera along. Long story short while this was my 8th time in New York City, it was my first time visiting Brooklyn and it was my first time getting a chance to check out some of the city. Brooklyn had an epic food scene and was pretty awesome. All-around, I loved that after dark the city seemed to relax without losing even a little bit of its energy.

The trip was for business and it was my opportunity to meet my team at Eligible for the first time in person. As you may know I’ve been working for them remotely in San Antonio since late December 2015. Was really cool to meet all my team-mates. I’ve been super impressed with the quality of my colleagues at this company and meeting everyone in person just pushed my impressions further over the top. Lot of really great people working together to try to do something about the sordid state of healthcare technology in the United States.

First up, my team-mate Maksim (Max) enjoys baking bread in his spare time and made a loaf of traditional Belarusian bread to share with the team with the Eligible logo emblazoned into it. Super awesome.

The office is right near the East River looking out at the skyline of Manhattan. I took this Pano to show it off.

Perhaps the coolest thing is we have a Barista on staff in the office and he makes a killer macchiato.

During one of our evenings we decided to take a walk across the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan and then ride the Citi bikes up to the Empire State Building and go up it. We didn’t quite make it in time to ride the bikes free (32 minutes to the 30 minutes free), nor did we make it in time to go up to the top of the Empire State Building (1:21AM arrival, 1:15AM last elevator). On our way across the Williamsburg Bridge I saw this sign which I thought was pretty interesting and snapped a photo.

That didn’t deter us though, we went back again the following night a bit earlier. This time I took an Uber rather than riding the bikes since my illness was getting the better of me. My team-mates agreed that this was the best idea.

Being on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building really does make you feel like you’re on top of the world, but not quite so much as being on top of a mountain.

A view of Manhattan from the Empire State Building

A view of Brooklyn from the Empire State Building

As my trip was nearing its end I found this funny and somewhat self-deprecating graffiti mural painted in Williamsburg of a hipster version of Arthur, the classic kids TV character.

I close the report out with a team photo taken at dinner the night before our flights back home. I apologize for leaning into the shot and partially blocking out Dmytro.

From left to right: Katelyn (CEO and Founder), Tyler (Myself, Sr. TechOps Engineer), Dmytro (Dir. TechOps), Oleksiy (CTO), Joshua (Sr. TechOps Engineer), and Maksim (Sr. TechOps Engineer).

If you’d like to join our awesome team, we currently have an opening for a Sr. TechOps Engineer working remotely from Europe to help us cover the CET timezone. I’ll be helping to fill this gap while I’m traveling in Europe over the next six months as part of Remote Year and would love to get the opportunity to meet qualified candidates in person while on my journey.

Until next time, cheers everyone.