Tyler Duzan

Tyler Duzan is a 15+ year veteran of the tech industry. He got his start with computers at a very young age, learning his first programming language (BASIC) at six years old. As he got older his fascination with computers progressed into a passion for all things technology with an emphasis on security. As part of exploring this passion he has learned a broad range of technical skills including a deep understanding of Windows, Linux, and networking. Tyler has begun applying his methodical data-driven approach to decision making and strategic focus to business problems instead of technical problems in his role as a Product Manager. Most recently, Tyler has joined the team at ThousandEyes, part of Cisco, to lead Agent Strategy growing the points of visibility around the world running ThousandEyes Cloud and Enterprise Agents as well as overseeing the BGP product area.
My top 10 Gallup Strengths are Arranger, Responsibility, Learner, Ideation, Activator, Command, Achiever, Intellection, Input, Communication. My Myers-Briggs is INTJ. I specialize in problem-solving, absorbing and understanding complex systems, explaining these systems in a simple manner, and producing excellent documentation. During my career I’ve architected, implemented, deployed, and operated everything from a collection of small but business-critical applications to the second largest public Cloud in the world. I also have demonstrated success at reaching compliance goals and building things with security in mind. My skill-set crosses business and technical boundaries, allowing me to solve almost any problem with aplomb.


Cisco ThousandEyes
Product Lead, Agent Strategy Jan 2022 - Present

  • Also was Product Lead for BGP from Jan 2022 to Nov 2023
  • Drive integrations of the ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent across new platforms within and without the Cisco portfolio.
    • Product Lead for the Meraki / ThousandEyes Integration project announced at Cisco Live 2023 (GA 11/14/23)
    • Drove Cisco Nexus team to incorporate the Cisco Application Hosting Framework (CAF) into NX-OS (released 05/31/2023 w/ 10.3.3), enabling deployment of ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents on Nexus 9k and Nexus 3k devices running NX-OS.
    • Drove ongoing work with Cisco SDWAN Routing and Cisco Catalyst Switching to add Enterprise Agent support to additional device PIDs.
  • Roadmapping and Release Planning for Enterprise Agent, defining new feature targets and OKRs in conjunction with the DirEng & EMs
    • Added automatic upgrade support for OS lifecycles to ThousandEyes Virtual Appliance and Physical Appliance deployment types
    • Shipped the ThousandEyes Terraform Provider and Golang SDK based on adopting community work and enhancing it further
    • Shipped support for IPv6-only environments within the ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent on a subset of platforms, continuing to grow, and driving IPv6 adoption across the entire ThousandEyes business
  • Roadmapping and Location Planning for Cloud Agent PoPs, defining new locations based on customer request and company strategy in conjuction with the EM.
  • Working cross-functionally with Revenue Product, Finance, Sales, Strategy & Operations, and Legal teams on new pricing strategies and models for the ThousandEyes CEA business
  • Continued driving partnership work between ThousandEyes and AWS, turning this into a Product-led rather than BizDev-led motion
    • First announced integration with AWS path visualization enhancements announced at Cisco Live US 2023
  • Assisting the Sales team to help close strategic deals by ensuring customers understand and are engaged in our long-term strategic vision and product roadmap
    • Was a key party to the largest deal in ThousandEyes history
    • Deliver product strategy sessions under NDA with existing customers and key prospects
    • Meet with strategic customers during key Cisco events like Cisco Live and Partner Summit to support business expansion
    • Drive product-led sales motions for new product introductions to market as part of larger go-to-market strategy
  • Talked at conferences around the world about ThousandEyes
    • AWS re:Invent 2022
    • Cisco Live EMEA 2023
    • Cisco Live US 2023
    • Complete list of my talks and publications at the bottom of this page

Senior Product Manager, Network Security Jul 2020 - Jan 2022

  • Working cross-functionally in the organization with Partnerships, Legal, Policy, and Engineering to ensure a smooth global rollout of DNS-Over-HTTPS (DoH) in Firefox.
    • Lead the rollout of DoH in Canada with CIRA
    • Maintained partner relationships with CloudFlare and Comcast in the US
    • Identified and cultivated partner relationships in other key markets
  • Roadmapping and Release Planning for new networking and network security standards like ECH, HTTPSSVC, and QUIC.
  • Temporarily took product ownership of Mozilla VPN to defined the roadmap and goals for its 2.0 release (completed Jan 2021) and put it on track to hit aggressive growth targets through the end of 2021.
  • Assisting the Product Lead for Firefox Major Release 1 in 2021, released as Firefox 89
    • Focused on working with UX on iconography and the design of panels and infobars
    • Assisted in project guidance and backlog triage
  • Acting as a Product Lead for new browser SKU through 2021.
    • PM Lead for the Client UI (until Sep 2020) and History & Metadata components
    • Working closely with the PM Leads for other components within the browser
    • Working cross-functionally with UX, Engineering, QA, and other PMs.

Product Manager Mar 2017 - Jul 2020

  • Early Product hire, and helped to establish the Product function within the company.
  • Key in standardizing internal and external policies and processes, including product lifecycles
  • Established a Technical Alliances / Partnership function at the company and helped sign several major partnership deals
    • Cloud partnerships with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
    • Technology partnership with Red Hat and Hashicorp
  • Lead four successful product launches, including a new product category.
    • Percona Server for MySQL (PS) 8.0 & Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) 8.0
    • Percona Kubernetes Operators for PXC and Percona Server for MongoDB
  • Proposed and lead strategic initiatives around Kubernetes and Cloud
  • Directly contributed to more than $3M in new sales and customer expansions
  • Talked at conferences around the world on behalf of the company to evangelize our products and technical expertise.
    • Co-Presented “How Container Networking Affects Database Performance” with Percona CTO at KubeCon NA 2019
    • Was interviewed for the Data on Kubernetes podcast in 2020
    • Other talks listed at the bottom of resume with slides linked

Eligible Inc.
Senior Technical Operations Engineer Jan 2016 - Jan 2017

  • Managed an environment in the Cloud using Terraform and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Managed environment configurations using Chef, using automated testing with ServerSpec, Food Critic, and Rubocop.
  • Assist the security team as needed with assessing and mitigating any security issues found in the environment.
  • Managed user server and VPN access via Chef and a set of Rake tasks
  • Responsible to ensure that all scripts, cookbooks, and other IP produced by the team is documented thoroughly.
  • Wrote custom Nagios/Icinga and Telegraf plugins in Golang
  • Wrote custom backup/restore processes in Ruby
  • Active part of compliance and audit readiness efforts. Helped Eligible get SOC II and HITRUST certified!

SolidFire Inc.
Senior Devops Engineer Oct 2014 - Dec 2015

  • Helped grow team from 5 to 12 engineers by developing standards for interviewing, onboarding, and documentation.
  • Managed a heterogenous environment across multiple hardware, software, and platform vendors. This environment included Cisco UCS, Dell rack servers, Arista, Cisco, Broadcom, Mellanox, Dell, and Intel networking hardware, as well as a mix of Ubuntu and CentOS Linux, OpenStack, VMware ESX/vSphere, and CloudStack.
  • Assessed and audited existing environment for IPO-readiness and presented documented infrastructure project recommendations to management to remediate issues.
  • Created a significant amount of documentation around internal systems to help drive standardization of processes and procedures for operations and assist team troubleshooting efforts.
  • Lead a project to revamp our internal VM infrastructure
  • Planned, Documented, and Implemented a new coordinated time service internally to aid in cross-regional consensus in the environment
  • Assisted in several major infrastructure projects, including a physical datacenter move, and a network redesign/restructuring project
  • Acted as an internal expert resource on DNS, DHCP, Git, MongoDB, and Information Security.
  • Lead a project to revamp externally facing Support connectivity in our product to greatly increase security, including writing a complete set of automation to deploy and maintain the externally facing servers in a secure fashion.
  • Worked with the team on automating existing and new infrastructure with SaltStack and BASH.
  • Helped product development teams to troubleshoot issues within our test environment, which included in-depth network troubleshooting with tools like tcpdump and iperf, as well as protocol troubleshooting for iSCSI (open-iscsi, OpenStack Cinder, ESX iSCSI initiator, and UCS iSCSI initiator).
  • Performed capacity planning and helped to administrate and maintain six SolidFire SAN clusters which are part of the internal SolidFire production environment and provide us a mechanism for dogfooding our product.

Rackspace Hosting (Jul 2010 - Oct 2014)
Systems Engineer III May 2014 - Oct 2014

  • Work directly with engineering and development teams to architect solutions for internal concerns and implement them within the production environments
  • Act as a liaison between business units, vendors, and internal teams as part of a Product Management team.
  • Technical representative for the Product organization on the internal Linux Tech Council
  • Global technical product owner and Product Engineer for Linux operating systems
  • Wrote internally focused white papers used as the basis of business decisions regarding the technical characteristics of various Linux distributions
  • Created policies, standards, and processes around the evaluation, testing, and deployment of Linux operating systems
  • Responsible for OS level verification of new hardware prototypes being considered for product offerings
  • Involved from an OS perspective in the development and launch of Cloud OnMetal using OpenCompute hardware
  • Championed following community project standards for packaging when packaging and deploying custom software
  • Worked closely with engineering teams at HP, Dell, Samsung, Intel, Red Hat, Novell/SuSE, Oracle, and CoreOS.
  • Identified flaws in the MEI ME modules of the Linux Kernel which were patched upstream with my assistance

Linux Operations Engineer III Aug 2013 - May 2014

  • Work directly with engineering and development teams to architect solutions for internal concerns and implement them within the production environments.
  • Documented infrastructure, issues, solutions, and workarounds as needed through the use of multiple ticketing and knowledge aggregation systems.
  • Train and instruct new hires into operational roles on current implementation, design, and state of Rackspace Cloud infrastructure, including system architecture.
  • Act as an organizational Point of Communication between teams in a tiered technical structure
  • Collaborate with other Operational, Engineering, and Development teams to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues involving all facets of infrastructure.
  • Act as a subject-matter expert and point of escalation for teams internal to the company regarding all facets of Rackspace Cloud infrastructure.
  • Designated as primary subject matter expert for Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers, Cloud Identity, Cloud Control Panel, and several internal projects
  • Provided operational support for several portions of the largest OpenStack Public Cloud in the world.

Linux Operations Engineer II Feb 2012 - Aug 2013

  • Deploy and Maintain complex customer-facing web properties
  • Deploy and Maintain large-scale backend infrastructure used for product integration in the world’s 2nd largest Public Cloud
  • Documented infrastructure, issues, solutions, and workarounds as needed through the use of multiple ticketing and knowledge aggregation systems.
  • Trained and Instructed new hires into Operational roles on current implementation, design, and state of Public Cloud infrastructure, including system architecture.
  • Act as an organizational Point of Communication between teams in a tiered technical structure
  • Collaborate with other Operational, Engineering, and Development teams to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues involving all facets of infrastructure.
  • Acted as a subject-matter expert and point of escalation for customer-facing issues during after-hours and on-call as needed.
  • Designated as primary subject matter expert for Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers, Cloud Identity, Cloud Control Panel, and several internal projects
  • Provided operational support for several portions of the largest OpenStack Public Cloud in the world.
  • Participated in the Open Compute Project working group on Virtual I/O
  • Provided specialized assistance unique to my skillset to other teams outside my normal job role as needed to advance infrastructure improvements internal to the company.

Windows System Admin II Jul 2010 - Feb 2012

  • Provide customer-facing server support for managed hosting environments during the 3rd shift (night-shift)
  • Engage customer technical teams to assist in making decisions regarding upgrades, implementation, and troubleshooting
  • Proactively monitor customer trouble tickets and provide phone coverage
  • Ensure all tickets and phone calls are handled within appropriate SLA time-frames
  • Perform documented and routine server maintenance tasks on customer’s behalf
  • Assist in customer implementation of new technologies and services at a server hardware/software configuration level
  • Collaborate with team-mates and other internal departments to resolve customer issues in a timely manner and with total resolution.
  • Designated after-hours (3rd shift) subject matter expert for SSL and DNS.

Technical Analytics Consultant Jun 2010 - Dec 2010

  • Wrote complex analytic templates using VBA in Excel and PowerPoint
  • Self-managing telecommuter
  • Automated some analytic processes and chart generation from data set
  • Automated generation of PowerPoint presentations from analyzed data sets contained in Excel

Systems Administrator Jun 2008 - Jul 2010

  • Serviced and maintained HP desktops and Lenovo/IBM laptops
  • Managed and expanded wired and wireless networking infrastructure
  • Implemented and managed ticket, asset, contract, and purchase tracking system
  • Provided technical support to remote and onsite users over email and phone
  • Troubleshot VPN, mail, and other service and computing issues
  • Performed, maintained, and audited backups and backup operations
  • Managed single-forest Active Directory and Exchange 2003 server
  • Managed Blackberry Enterprise Server v4.x and v5.x
  • Maintained and repaired Blackberry 81xx, 83xx, 89xx, and 9xxx
  • Supported remote services and remote users targeted internationally in 40+ countries
  • Managed and maintained MS SQL Server 2005
  • Maintained storage systems using HP MSA500
  • Implemented, upgraded, and maintained HP Proliant rack servers, DL380, 385, 360, and 320 G2 through G5.
  • Managed Cisco VOIP phone system using Unity Call Manager and Voicemail
  • Implemented and managed temporary remote office for multi-site company events hosting 4000+ participants
  • Managed side-event and meeting A/V operations during company events
  • Managed Tandberg video-conference system, endpoints, and Codian MCU

IT Contractor Aug 2007 - Dec 2007

  • Assisted in corporate network infrastructure migration at HQ after a major business acquisition
  • Deployed desktop systems on site at manufacturing plants
  • Configured and deployed laptop systems for remote sales users
  • Supported end user systems and troubleshooted network/vpn issues
  • Assisted in performing a lease audit and subsequent lease return
  • Provided support and migrated network infrastructure at remote sites

Janss Lumber Company LLC
Systems Administrator (freelance) Sep 2004 - Jul 2007

  • Installed multi-site corporate network
  • Built workstations from parts
  • Maintained point-of-sale system
  • Set up WAN and VPN systems; set up remote-access system for salespeople

Hilton Electronics
Systems Administrator (freelance) Feb 2005 - Mar 2007

  • Built, deployed, and maintained Windows 2000 and Windows XP workstations
  • Installed network cabling and hardware infrastructure
  • Configured and maintained network hardware

Mozilla Foundation QA/Bug Triage (volunteer) Nov 2003 - Aug 2006

  • Located, reported, and helped repair serious security vulnerability in the Firefox browser.
  • Awarded a $500 security bug bounty
  • Tested nightly builds of software and created test cases
  • Provided technical support through community forums and IRC


2024 - (2026)
BS Network Engineering & Information Security; Western Governor’s University

Current Student, Expected Graduation Date January 2026

2004 - 2008 (DNF)
AAS, Networking Technology; Ozarks Technical Community College (Springfield, MO)

Activities and Societies: Student Government (Representative 4 Years), Students In Free Enterprise (Vice-Pres 2 Years), CPU Society (Secretary 1 Year)


ITILv4 Foundations
License GR671636188TD Mar 2024

CompTIA Project+
License 8BJTHS97PQ3LFDWF Feb 2024

LPI Linux Essentials
License jc5m86nhcy Feb 2024

CompTIA Cloud+
License QP8BBZ84HY60FZ3W Feb 2024

CompTIA A+
License VL0WG107FY5LFF92 Feb 2024

CompTIA Network+
License PHD1KX52VEQ42M28 Jun 2005

CompTIA Linux+
License ZE59MG8D4NBQC6TJ May 2007

CompTIA Security+
License 3JV6ZS8D72RQSVM3 May 2007

Certified Scrum Product Owner
Scrum Alliance, License 000348930 Aug 2014

Microsoft Certified Professional
License 6035308 Jan 2008


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