Introduction to the Cooking Section

This is the first post in a new section being added to my website. During the course of 2020, and the seemingly endless lockdown that followed the COVID-19 pandemic, I set out to learn to cook properly. I discovered a wealth of resources online, especially on YouTube, and enrolled in 6 months of online culinary school. I’ve regained the joy in cooking I felt when I was much younger, and I’ve improved my health while reducing my food costs.

I’ve largely been sharing photos of my cooking progress and some recipes via Facebook, but I’m making an effort to expand my personal website to help me get off of Facebook entirely. This section is an attempt to share with the world the things I’ve learned and to form a repository of knowledge I can refer to later. My intention is to share information about equipment, techniques, recipes, and photos of my finished food.

My hope is that this will become a useful resource for others, not just for myself. So hop aboard as I populate this section with several articles in the coming months.