2019: Year in Review

Howdy all, It's been a long time since I've posted an update to my blog. As you might have gathered from that I've been busy and kind of forgot about writing for awhile. I originally had a huge post planned to kick things off again with all sorts of ideas, but instead I'm just going to write something that's a bit word salad in the organization that comes to mind, and we'll see how long it is when I get to the end.

Remote Year Darién - Is This a Conclusion?

Many of my fellow remotes have already written something about their experiences during the year and come to some conclusion about the meaning of it all. The honest truth for me though is that I don’t know what it means to me yet. My experience was very different from most of the people in our group, and yet I can’t help but see that some of the things I’m slowly coming to conclude align pretty strongly with others.

RY Darién Update - New Years in Bogota

Happy New Years! First of all, welcome to 2017. 2016 was an interesting year for me in many ways and a really positive experience, I hope the same can be said for all of my readers. I'm writing this from my apartment in Bogota, Colombia as I begin Month #8 of Remote Year - Darién. When I think about last year and what sort of theme it represented in my life, I can only categorize it with the term “Discovery”.

Trip Preparation Update - The Day Before My Flight

Super short update. Tomorrow is the big day I fly out. Between flight time, layovers, and time zone changes I will be traveling for 26 hours straight. Leaving 8AM from San Antonio, Texas, USA to arrive in Prague, Czech Republic at 10:30AM (or thereabouts) local time. 7 hour layover in JFK, 8 hours to time zones, and the rest is in the air. Illness Update I've basically fully recovered at this point.

Trip Preparation - 7 Days Left

This is going to be short, just a quick update on how things are going. Illness Update The medication I am taking has caused some bad side effects. I'll spare the details, but I think I may have it under control. I am following up on Monday with the ENT specialist to check everything out, and then I am going to get my Hepatitis B booster this week assuming I am safe to do so.

Trip Preparation Update - 10 Days Left Packing List and Todo List

So, it's almost time to depart. Just 10 days left in the US, and I'll be on way for my trip and off to meet 74 strangers (hopefully soon to be some friends) to gallivant around Europe and South America. It's a bit daunting at this point and definitely feels real. Honestly, I don't feel like I have enough time left to do all the things I need to do so my anxiety is in overdrive.

Trip Preparation Update - Deux

I apologize I haven't posted the later parts of my Macbook setup instructions yet. I ran into the chicken-and-egg problem of wanting to use my new Macbook to write my posts. I am happy to report that I am now writing this post on my new Macbook and it's to a point where I can start writing the rest of the article. I will do that later on. First though, a quick update regarding trip preparations.

Trip Preparation Update

Itinerary Update First, before I get into the rest of what I've got sorted out this week for my trip, the itinerary has changed for Darién. The Remote Year staff reached out to everyone who has been accepted to Darién to notify us of the change earlier this week, citing safety concerns about Turkey and Bolivia. The new itinerary is below: Prague, Czech Republic Belgrade, Serbia London, UK Lisbon, Portugal Rabat, Morocco Valencia, Spain Mexico City, Mexico Bogotá, Colombia Medellin, Colombia Lima, Peru Córdoba, Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina Preparing to Travel When I left you last week I was still figuring out insurance, waiting on my US Passport to be sent to me from renewal, and considering my options for some other essential items for travel.

I have been accepted to Remote Year

I'm in! I'm pleased to announce that I've been accepted to join Remote Year as part of the Darién cohort starting on June 1st, 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, and returning to the US in June of 2017. I've been looking forward to doing international travel and participating in the digital nomad lifestyle for many years, and since I now work remotely its presented the opportunity to make that dream a reality.


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